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can't wait for the online update :3

This game is super fun. The shopping cart is my absolute favorite as it reminds me of snaking back in Mario Kart DS. The image of a shopping cart overtaking motorized vehicles is also the icing on top.

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como agrego mas players?

is this game still being worked on?

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cirno approved

I really love doing shortcuts this game is SOO fun

would it be possible to make a Dreams port of this? for PS4/5?

I love this game

does anyone knows how to add another player?


how to add more player??

Epic even in early access

wow! i can’t wait to play this… may i ask what engine you used? looks fantastic!

they used Unity

before i play, is this local multiplayer? like on the same keyboard? because i searched the “local multiplayer” tag and it doesn’t look local

Need to cooperate with the handle


I've never played a fan-made game this fun


How bad that there's no android version,because i am sure this game would be popular on smartphones. 

God,i really want this...

Not making this one, just a random dev passing by. Play Store is notoriously horrible to deal with these days, from developer standpoint. I have a game and you can just leave it be on itch. Google though keeps hammering me "pls update!! your api from last month is deprecated!" "pls update!! we updated privacy policy, you need to keep up"


fair point, but one could upload an apk directly to the site so u can download it for android there!

yeah, that could work


Fantastic game! I know it's unlikely to happen, but I'd really like to see Mima appear as a playable character in a future update! Keep up the good work!




when is the next update

Random Scuffed Games #99

Vorgeschlagen von: Beatdown_TV

Ich stimme zu: Custom mit 100 Bots - alles maxed ist funny as fuck.

Das Spiel wie es gedacht ist, macht tatsächlich wirklich laune! es ist gut umgesetzt, gute Musik nur leider recht wenig Strecken. Wer Couch-Koop was zocken will und kein Mario Kart zur hand, sollte das unbedingt mal auschecken!


Dito: 4.5/5

Chat: 3.55/5

Gesamt: 4.03/5


100 bots + maxed everything is awesome

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remove wheels from karts, skate and bike, and battery from cleaning bot
replace marisa's broom with normal broom and genji with a shell of a turtle
racing's illegal now, you should follow the law honkyyyyyyyyyy


Let us honk a horn by pressing down left thumbstick

we need update :D NOW! >:(

lo intente descargar hace un mes y no me dejaba por un bug pero ahora ya se descargo y justo ayer consegui 2 fumos de reimu y cirno

LET'S GOOOOGOGOOG!!!!!!!11!!!111!!


Very cool


why does it say this will put my pc at risk and on virustotal it says this has a trojan 


antivirus software detect false positives

typically Windows does this with executables that lack signatures (ppl need to pay for that)


it is a trojan, honky uses it to install spanish dragon ball memes zip bombs while you play. craziest shit imaginable. do not play as biten

updatealo honkyyyyy


why wont online work?


what do you mea

Monas chinas + Mario Kart, la mejor combinación sin duda :D bastante divertido ojala lo sigan actualizando

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Lowres ambassador here, we will give our outmost support.(for some of us that have jobs)

Will there be an mobile version?

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add patchouli plsssss ty


fumoooo ᗜ‿ᗜ


This is the sole reason why I impulse bought a Fumo. I'm gonna go ahead and keep grinding Youkai Mountain until my Flandre and Remilia Fumo come home. Probably the most fun I've had with a kart game.


this is by far the best racing game ever created


such a great racing game!

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