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Embody a Fumo and compete on a wacky karting race against other fumo-fied Touhou Characters! Play alone against AI-controlled racers or with up to 4 friends on splitscreen multiplayer.

Dev's note 

-"Touhou Fumo Racing is in early stage of development and there are a lot of features and things to do, so expect bugs, missing features and a small amount of content. Besides that, the game is currently playable and I hope that everyone who plays it, being a Touhou Fan or not, has an enjoyable experience."

This game is a fan-work of Touhou Project

Touhou Project belongs to Team Shangai Alice, Touhou Project "Fumos" designed by ROYALCAT. They are NOT affiliated with this fan game. 

All content is the property of their respective owners.

Keyboard Controls

  • Left/Right Arrows : Steer
  • Z : Accelerate
  • X : Brake
  • C : Jump
  • SPACE BAR : Use Item

Game Pad Controls

  • Left Stick : Steer
  • Right Trigger : Accelerate
  • Left Trigger : Brake
  • South Button : Jump
  • West Button : Use Item

Music Team

  • nic15
  • Scatterbrain876
  • Pelalito
  • Hazell

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity, Blender
TagsFangame, fumo, kart, Local multiplayer, Touhou
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Joystick
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4


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Touhou Fumo Racing 0.1.3 282 MB
Touhou Fumo Racing 0.1.2 0 bytes
Touhou Fumo Racing 0.1.1 227 MB
Touhou FumoRacing 0.1.0 142 MB
Touhou Fumo Racing 0.0.3 107 MB
Touhou Fumo Racing 0.0.2 44 MB

Development log


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Hey, I really enjoyed the game and can become your playtester (‾◡◝)  If you wish so, just contact me via discord: 1572#?detum_syawla_cim (sorry, discord id is written backwards because I don't want bots to spam my discord :/ )


really fun game owo. Hope more maps and fumos in the future(Satori pls uwu) and a multiplayer mode will be sublime.


really fun! i hope more maps will be added

incredibly well made and fun game, i just wish there were more maps

Can we just get a button that makes us go in reverse? Please.

Just realized it would be pretty neat.

Really nice game although I wish you'd get the same power ups regardless of your position on the leader board


It's a great fan game

This game is amazing




Now this is the REAL Touhou Kart!


This unironically became my favorite game to play overnight




This game is very awesome, keep it up!


Great Game ! Good job ! I like it . nice music .

I would like to update my game's review to 6 stars, because 1. bouncing fumos are cute and 2. I discovered that you can spin in the air and you gain speed when you land. It's so fucking cool. Literally GOTY.

Great fucking game, unironically love it


touhou fumo racing


touhou fumo racing


fumo fumo fumo fumo fumo fumo fumo


This looks really cool. Any chances of this being ported to other platforms?


oh god it's awesome


ideas to make the game more fun:

that's all this game is perfect


The game is simply mind-blowing!

I would even like to support the author financially, but, unfortunately, now international payments are not available in my country.

Anyway, I wish you success in further development and look forward to Koishi and Satori!


It is very fun to play and its jumping mechanics are very good, the only bad thing would be that the maps are very short and at least in the case of the forest it is very simple. anyway it's great 10/10. PD: Please add Suwako fumo or Rei chikita 


Great game, can't wait to see what future updates hold!

Speaking of future updates, I have a few ideas:

1: remove the character restriction on themed vehicles (yuyuko is my favorite character but broom is my favorite vehicle)

2: maybe have yuyuko's unique item somehow involve the Giant Yuyuko Fumo?

3: inusakuya

even if none of these are added, i'll still be looking forward to the full release.


Are you planning to add Mamizou as a playable character? I know she doesn't have a Fumo but still.

Also you should have Rei Plush/Chikita as an unlockable.


this is elite

Fumo racing 🤣 Cool game :D Tracks are surprisingly very vibey, especially the mountain youkai one, like, you race on it and whoa, the views sure are nice

I also like that there are a lot of fun variations in cars with their own stats! Didn't expect that, but it's cool

Hope to see more tracks in the future! Current three are amazing. Idk, maybe some floating island? I liked the idea of the third track where you can easily fall off (so you have to drive & drift carefully), could be cool to have a couple more tracks like that

Great job 👍


Before I download, I see that it has the most hated controlsetup using ZX on the keyboard that is the worst thing ever which is permanently re-happening. Everyone with a QWERTZ Keyboard is annoyed by this: 

Can you reconfigure the keys? Sadly you have to ask this as a lot of small games doesn't come with customizable keys.

plug in xbox controller if you have one

I wanted to play this segs gaem but unfortunately seems that don't run well on mine....no matter how many times I spam clicking the the P1 button it doesn't change from AI to human, any solution for this??


This happens to me almost every time. The solution I found was customizing the number of active players  to whatever number you want and then press P1.

Hope this helps!

AAAAA yes it worked, you're a life saver thank u so much :)


Nice game, I love it. Would you consider using maps made by other people though?


I need Satori and Koishi HNNNNNNGG



Mario kart on crack, what a funky little concept, I can't stop playing


man this game is fun, I just jump past corners and spin and yet is fun ßßßßßßßßßß


New longer maps are my only wish, this game is so awesome!!!!


Cool game and concept! I have some interesting ideas:

  • Championships with list of maps (maybe even seamless map changing).
  • A bit longer maps.
  • Option to edit controls.
  • Community maps.
  • Lights on map objects like lanterns.

I wish you good luck with development of the game!


i feel like more fumos need abilities but it's still good i have some concept arts for 2 power ups and vehicles. 


for some reason it crashes everytime i try to start a match, but from what i watched on Youtube it looks epic

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